We had started our business in June 2013 based on some recommendations from friends to start selling some of our blended salts that we were using at home at the local Farmer’s Markets. What started out to be a Summer endeavor ended up being a full time job for us.

The Salt Dispensary, a home based business from Delta, began offering primarily smoked salts for sale at Farmer’s Markets in the Lower Mainland. Jonathan Villocero is the impetus behind the operation and is a life long resident of the Lower Mainland who decided it was better working for himself and expressing his creatively in a way he could share.

By the middle of the 2014 season our offerings had increased to over 35 kinds of smoked and flavored salts, meat rubs, 8 kinds of salted caramels and a variety of specialty smoked condiments such as our peppercorn, paprika, garlic, jalapeno, and sugar.

The face to face and immediate feedback from customers received by selling at Artisan and Farmers markets and through numerous social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Instragram, have allowed us to develop and fine tune our very popular recipes and packaging and the refrain "oh good there are the salt guys" is heard many times during these events.

Our products ranging from Ghost pepper to Truffle to Hickory and beyond have introduced many to new culinary delights and the healthy use of sea salt. Using quality ingredients and producing in small lots allow a high level of quality control. Our products use local, organic and fair trade materiel whenever possible. Sourcing our base Pacific Sea Salt for quality and price and our flavoring material from the best we can find. The Salt Dispensary continues to grow in popularity and has a regular customer base that seeks it out.

Although salt is stable for extremely long periods flavor components, like most herbs and spices, diminish in potency over time and are best used within a year of the packaging date. We do not use extra ingredients for anti-caking, color or any other purpose preferring to keep the products simple and free of extra chemicals.